We’ve enjoyed some fine special effects moments

One of the world’s largest musical events is the Eurovision Song Contest. We’ve had the pleasure and honour of delivering the contest’s pyrotechnics and special effects for the third year running: first in Helsinki, then in Belgrade and finally in Moscow in 2009. In Athens, too, we were able to join with Lordi in making Finnish history. Co-operation with some of Finland’s finest musicians has been no less of a pleasure – we’ve worked with Nightwish since 2000. In addition, we’re accustomed to many different settings on both smaller and larger tours. Of these, we could mention the Katri Helena & Jari Sillanpää Me Starat (”We Stars”) tour, the Idoleita ja tähtiä (”Idols and Stars”) tour, as well as the Yö’s Kuolematon (”Immortal”) tour. In terms of our European projects, unforgettable gigs by Stratovarius and Lordi left the most lasting impressions in our minds.

We’ve also been involved in producing the opening and closing numbers of some sports events. The most memorable have been the wild pyrotechnic explosion from the roof of the Olympic Stadium for the Helsinki world championships, as well as the UEFA European Women’s football tournament in summer 2009, for which we filled an entire auditorium with soap bubbles. And as of 2007, ice hockey matches by Finland’s Jokerit team have opened with dazzling gas flame displays!

We’ve also produced effects for Finnish TV programmes, including Huuma (”Ecstasy”), Talent Suomeen (”Talent Finland”), and, for several years now, the Eurovision national qualification rounds as well as Kuorosota (”Choir Wars”), which began last year. Another fantastic experience was to be part of the NRJ Radio Music Awards over the years 2005 -2007.

We can only add that the events mentioned above, as well as all the other displays we’ve carried out, have also been Fine Moments for Pyroman!