This is how we do things and we’re true to our word!

Every indoor and open-air display should be carefully and skilfully planned and prepared beforehand.

Our technicians aren’t seasonal workers – we want to offer our customers a truly professional effort.

Professional fireworks should be just that, and that’s why we only use fireworks manufactured for use by professionals in order to guarantee quality.

Even when managing more traditional fireworks displays not set to music, we still use a digital control system.

What does New Generation Pyromusical mean?

We are the first and only company in Finland to produce both indoor and open-air new generation pyromusicals. Using a digital control system, these displays combine traditional professional-grade fireworks and pyrotechnics with the following types of special effects:

  • snowfall
  • soap bubbles, from a small or stadium-grade bubble blower
  • confetti – shreds of paper or metallic paper from a small or a stadium-grade cannon
  • streamers, professional-grade, emitting paper or metallic paper tape
  • special effects made with carbon dioxide
  • water walls ( = a sizeable, controlled wall of water spouted from a ceiling nook onto a video projection)
  • tall liquid gas flames, in which Pyroman leads the way in Finland
  • aerosol flames – Pyroman is the only Finnish company with these, and has the largest stock in the Nordic countries
  • and of course special effect pyrotechnics, in which Pyroman is a forerunner, as well as the only importer of high-quality products in Finland


We are able to synchronise all of the aforementioned special effects with great accuracy, preparing a computerised time code programme beforehand.

Fireworks / history

In China during the Han dynasty firecrackers were made by burning bamboo, producing a powerful crackling sound which was used to frighten away evil spirits. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-581) firecrackers were not only used to dispel evil but also to bring happiness and prosperity. The Chinese believed they helped people in difficult matters.

The discovery of gunpowder led to the development in the 900s of the first rocket-propelled fireworks recognisable today. Rockets were used as a weapon in battle and to frighten enemies.

Source: Wikipedia (extracts from the Finnish-language entry ”Ilotulitus”)