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Pyroman has now added fireworks and pyromusicals to its portfolio of services. Finland’s leading fireworks artists have joined our group of technicians, contributing a decade’s worth of experience in several different companies in the field, both in Finland and abroad. And this is backed up by Pyroman’s decades of experience in pyrotechnics, as well as the country’s most comprehensive and modern equipment.

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We are able to offer effects for individual functions and major events, and manage fireworks displays in several localities simultaneously.

Pyroman regularly stages so-called pyromusicals, combining smaller and larger fireworks to produce a display co-ordinated around music. Moreover, part of the display is brought as close as possible to the audience, offering spectators a tangible experience.

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This is a fantastic development and we’re as excited as kids in a toy shop about this new area of work! We have a burning passion for what we do, and it shows. Our approach is founded on honesty and keeping our promises, something our clients have praised us for. But enough talk – more action!


are a visual event in which pyrotechnic products – fireworks – are used to produce an entertaining display. Fireworks are most commonly displayed on New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks are generally explosive charges triggered by a lit wick, the purpose of which is to generate floating material, exploding sounds, and light effects. Today, the majority of the world’s fireworks are manufactured in Asia, with China alone responsible for 70 per cent.

Source: Wikipedia (extracts from the Finnish-language entry ”Ilotulitus”)